ABATE Membership Form
Become an active member of ABATE of California! All Bikers & Bikes Welcome!

Print & mail this form to:
ABATE Local 6 – San Diego
C/O Boozefighters MC
4602 Sauk Ave. San Diego,Ca. 92117

Please Print Clearly.

Couples & Business Members:
Please provide both names.
City: State: Zip:
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New Renewal - Current ABATE Membership # __________________ (renewals only)

Membership (One Year)
Sustaining Membership (One Year)
Gold Business (Includes a Black & White Ad in the Bailing Wire).
 Gold Business Color (Includes a Color Ad in the Bailing Wire).
 Gold Business Supersize (Includes a Color Ad, and a Link on the Website).

Life members can receive Sustaining Membership Status and Benefits for $50.00 a year.

Note: New members receive a patch, and renewing members receive a year pin.

Credit Cards Accepted
Name: (as it appears on card) Visa Mastercard
Credit Card #: Exp. date ____/____/____

Membership submitted via ABATE of California, Local 6 website. www.abatelocal6.org
Please make copy for your own records & as your receipt.

Join us for the ABATE Local 6 monthly meetings, 12 Noon, 1st Sunday of every month at:
Kate O. Sessions Park, Park Drive., San Diego, CA 92037