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Subject: Re: [AbatePAC]ab 695&ab 1047
To: "Lee Milligan" <AbatePAC at abate.org>
Date: Saturday, April 16, 2011, 2:35 PM

Or paste this into your address window:
"CA AD-54 Bonnie Lowenthal" <Assemblymember.Lowenthal at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-66 Kevin Jeffries" <Assemblymember.Jeffries at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-33 Catcho Achadjian" <Assemblymember.Achadjian at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-40 Bob Blumenfield" <Assemblymember.Blumenfield at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-11 Susan Bonilla" <Assemblymember.Bonilla at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-15 Joan Buchannan" <Assemblymember.Buchanan at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-49 Mike Eng" <Assemblymember.Eng at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-55 Warren Furutani" <Assemblymember.Furutani at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-17 Cathleen Galgiani" <Assemblymember.Galgiani at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-3 Dan Logue" <Assemblymember.Logue at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-71 Jeff Miller" <Assemblymember.Miller at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-72 Chris Norby" <Assemblymember.Norby at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-44 Anthony Portantino" <Assemblymember.Portantino at assembly.ca.gov>, "CA AD-69 Jose Solorio" <Assemblymember.Solorio at assembly.ca.gov>

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 7:18 PM, Lee Milligan <AbatePAC at abate.org> wrote:

Hi all hope you have all gotten up and e mailed the assembly trans committee members for ab695 and ab 1047. I can tell threw the email lines if you have or have not done so .  PLease if you have not then as the ad for a certain sports appear says   JUST DO IT. I am working on mine as i speak. thatm is all thanks for letting mem be a pain in the arse. regards sports.


Douglas Findlay

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