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NMA Email Alert



Public Service Announcements or Red-Light Camera Commercials? Consider the Source Dear NMA Member,

Recently in Missouri, TV spots have aired about red-light cameras, from the so-called “National Coalition for Safer Roads,” heaping praise on the cameras -- and doing it in a style bordering on that of a public service announcement.

We wanted you to be aware of an article that not only helps refute the arguments for red-light cameras, but exposes the fact that these messages, featuring personal appeals from medical personnel and police officers, actually come from the red-light camera manufacturers themselves.

This March 24th article from Jesda.Com spells it out. The "National Coalition for Safer Roads" is simply a front group for American Traffic Solutions, which produces the camera systems and profits handsomely from them.

The individuals in the ads voicing their support for red-light cameras are just that -- individuals. They do not represent any greater agency, and they are not really authorities on red-light cameras. More than anything else, they are representing ATS.

And it's no surprise that ATS thinks you need red-light cameras to protect you -- their mission is to sell camera systems. The National Motorists Association's mission is to protect motorists' rights and interests, including not just safety and driver courtesy, but also freedom from unfair and oppressive enforcement systems. You can read our objections to red-light cameras here.

It's a good bet that the camera companies will air similarly deceptive messages in other states as red-light cameras come up for initial approval or review.

Of course you will decide for yourself where you stand on red-light cameras. We just hope that, when you hear the opinions, you consider the source.

Charles Walter
National Motorists Association 


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