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Hi y’all,
    I jus gotta get this off my chest for the zillionth time. Yes today AB695 was shot down. My my what a surprise or is it ? California,the nation’s most populous state with the most licensed  motorcyclist 
    has a pathetic MRO membership to motorcyclist ratio in the helmet law state of California. What disturbs me even more is all the charity events held almost every weekend year round for most 
    charities that don’t care about motorcyclist except for their bread. In my perfect world,I would hold a charity event every weekend,year round that would raise fund$$ for all the MRO’s (ABATE,MMA,
    AMA,etc.) The heck with everyone else except military and SOME children’s charities but still the majority would benefit the MRO’s.
           We need MONEY for the lobbyist to fight for our freedoms. I know ,I’m preaching to the choir. Membership is a BIG problem and we need to get the word out even more so about the importance of joining the MRO’s. Iv’e seen it in the past and know you all have too,there will be tons of motorcyclist for a non freedom related event but come helmet protest and other freedom related event,the attendance pales in comparison.It frustrates me to no end when I see that.I don’t know what I can/to do. Do you ? Okay, I feel a little better since I got this off of my chest.Lets start working towards 2012.
  I won’t give up. By the way Iv’e been in all 50 states,46 of them on my 1993 Heritage and I WON’T tour California as long as there is a helmet law. Sure I’d like to see Yosemite and Tahoe from a bike instead of a cage but I won’t spend money touring on my bike because some of that money I would spend will eventually trickle it’s way to the politicians who continually deny our right to choose.
  Maybe I’m all wrong and my reasoning is twisted but I think I somewhat have a valid point. What do you think ?
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