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Mon Aug 1 14:40:15 PET 2011

 An update on downed-motorcyclist  Erin Laird
Hi John,
Here’s an update I receive today.  I was told to thank you for spreading the word about the blood drives and upcoming BBQ – so, thank you John!
Erin is out of ICU and now in a rehab ward; they have inserted rods into her femur and pelvis, she is receiving physical therapy to try to get her moving but aren't sure if her left leg has nerve damage and that's why she is struggling to stand on her left leg or whether its just lack of feeling, coordination, strength etc. Her left arm is badly injured, her elbow joint received major damage and the major arteries in her lower arm were severed. She will lose her thumb, possibly other fingers but hopefully will retain her arm and will have some function with it. Her concussion, fever, infection etc. have gone. She is clear in her mind, determined to have an active life and realizes that despite coding twice in the OR it wasn't her time to go. She has moved from being confused and grumpy to being upbeat and determined to do something. She was excited to hear about the blood donations and believes it is a great legacy of her friends and the wider community.
 I am hoping to get a blood bank total this week so we can set a new target and encourage people to continue to donate. 

We are busy fundraising without using the “F” word so that medical bills/insurance aren't aware of Erin receiving money. We hope the funds we raise will be used for Erin's continued recovery and not for insurance bills. 

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