[Elist] Downed Marine Motorcyclist

John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 15:17:33 PET 2011

 Gunnery Sgt. David Smith was hit by a DUI 21 Year-old  while he was stopped at a red light on his is motorcycle while on his way home.  He is a 17 year USMC veteran, Bronze Star recipient and active duty.  He remains in critical condition.  

Tri-Care (military health insurance) , does not cover all expenses for medical bills, co-pays can be high, and this will fall under catastrophic medical and their is a cap.  I am requesting that you all please send this to everyone in your network of people so donations will continue to come in to help them out.  Gunnery Sgt. David Smith is a highly decorated and respected man.  We need to do all we can do for him 
El Cajon Harley is having a fund raiser event for Gy Sgt Smith this Saturday 6 Aug from 1000-1500

Thank you all for your support and Blessings to each and everyone of you!  Get the word out my friends!
.  .   I am in contact with the family and will keep you all updated as things go forward. 
Elizabeth Mier
CEO -"Administrative Solutions"
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John Del Santo
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