[Elist] The "Sposta-Gonna" Rule

John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 01:08:29 PET 2011

by John Del Santo
 “That guy ran the red light and almost killed me!  My light was green….I had the Right of Way !!”   No you didn’t !   That driver was supposed to yield the Right of Way to you,  but if he doesn’t,  then you don’t HAVE the Right of Way !
Half of all collisions in urban areas happen at intersections;  and most occur when someone does the wrong thing at a red light, stop sign, or when they should Yield.  There are tons of drivers out there who have developed their own rules…You’ve seen them,  They assume that when a light turns Red, the next three cars can squeeze through it, but the fourth car should probably stop;   A right-on-red can be done without stopping;  A big sign that warns “photo enforced red light” is really for other drivers…a silly camera can’t tell me  what to do;  A Stop sign means to slow down;  and a Yield sign doesn’t mean much at all.  If these people don’t do the right thing, then you don’t HAVE the Right of Way !   You should….But you don’t !   Only when they Yield do you actually HAVE  the Right of Way.
As you are well aware, even car drivers with good intentions very often don’t “see” motorcycles.  From a distance, a motorcyclist has the same shape as a pedestrian, and therefore should really catch a drivers eye.  But they have unintentionally programmed their brain to look for cars  and they don’t notice bikes as quickly as they should.  Too often we fall into the same concept as a plane flying overhead… They might hear  us,  they might even look  at us,  but they don’t really SEE us…. And that’s in the daytime !  At night, a lot of drivers don’t notice us at all… Be ready for that.
Who are we going to meet at that next intersection?  Is their attention really on their driving?  Do they see  that Stop sign ?  Are they at least slowing down ???  To keep from being Dead Right,  scan every intersection or situation as you approach it and consider the “Sposta-Gonna  Rule”…That guy is Sposta  yield the Right of Way to me, But is he Gonna??
Expect the Unexpected,  Ride Defensively !

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