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AUGUST Local 6 meeting
It was as very good meeting at the beginning of August….Good weather and a good turn-out.  There were quite a few members there, and a goodly amount of visitors.  We may have less of a turnout next month, as the meeting will be on Labor Day Weekend,  but that could surprise us as well.   We will be there.   
We discussed Red lights that would not turn green for your bike,  and towns that were stopping their red-light camera programs.  We mentioned how the Federal House and Senate had sent a bill to the President to eliminate motorbikes and ORV’s from CPSIA’s Lead Law whose overly restrictive lead-content limits  which has practically destroyed  the sale of youth OHVs.   We discussed the Grants given by NHTSA to CA OTS, and then to local police departments.   We discussed Allstate insurance’s “Once is Never Enough” motorcycle safety program. 
 We had a batch of hand-out “LOOK” stickers.  and a bunch of Quick Throttle and Motorcycle Riders Foundation magazines, plus copies of the US Constitution.    Also available were flyers from several different runs,  and for ABATE’s Golden State Rendezvous.   We are starting to move into the political season, and our PAC REP, Douglas Findlay spoke about our need to volunteer for the politicians that will carry our messages to Sacramento . There is a one day seminar in September dealing with “how to be politically effective” and we need a volunteer to represent Local 6 there.  Call John (619/223-04210 if you are interested.  Our Safety Officer discussed several different subjects.  The CMSP Advisory Board meeting will happen in Sacramento at the end of this month, and will be attended by Lori Adams, Jean Hughes, and Fran Del Santo. 
Our Recording Secretary read out a whole list of upcoming events. 
Have you checked out our website ?  Joe Tatro has done a dynamite 
job !  http://abatelocal6.org   .  The Local 6 meeting is held on the first Sunday of each month at Noon….C’mon Down !

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