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Wed Aug 10 20:14:09 PET 2011

On Saturday September 17th there will be a campaign training session held in San Diego.   The session will train volunteers to make the most of their time and energy in putting your choice of people into office.   The training is part of the San Diego County Democratic Convention,  but no matter what your political leaning is, this training will be of benefit to you and to the political actions of ABATE local 6. 
The cost to register for the day is $25. and Local 6 will pick up the cost of two Members in Good Standing 
to attend.  Let John Del Santo know in the next week if you want to register and attend.  It will cost local 6 $25 to register you,  so please do not volunteer unless you are  POSITIVE  that you will attend. 
  John Del Santo
 V.P.  Local 6 
 (619) 223-0421
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