[Elist] highway toll transponders

John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 16:41:11 PET 2011

A transponder is a device that mounts to the windshield of a vehicle that tells a reader on a toll road or toll- HOV lane  what your vehicle is,  and who it belongs to and how much to charge.    If you are on one of these toll roads and do not have a transponder,  a camera takes a picture of your plate,  and you are sent a $56. ticket.  
(a camera takes a photo of ALL vehicle plates that are using the toll road) 
On autos, it goes in your front windshield but if you use a toll road daily on a motorcycle,  and want to use a transponder, this is difficult for many motorcycles as many do not have windshields.      There are transponders that will work hooked to a motorcycle license plate, but they are ugly and they vibrate.
At a meeting recently ABATE Board member Gill Mellon and Assemblyman Jose Solario started plans for being able to put a transponder into a motorcycle  saddlebag and still have it available for the electronic reader.

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