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Some of California's new laws, as of July 1st 2011. 
State vehicle code: 
SB 949 prohibits cities and counties from substituting local laws 
for those already in the state vehicle code. The bill arose after 
some cities passed ordinances already covered by state law, then 
started writing tickets on the local laws as a means to boost 
revenue for the city. 
Cell phones in cars: 
SB 1613 closes an exception to the 2008 "hands free" cell phone 
law that allowed "push to talk" devices for drivers of commercial 
trucks, certain farm equipment, tow trucks or similar vehicles. 
Hybrids lose carpool lane privileges: 
In a massive bait and switch .scam, the state has revoked the car 
pool lane privileges for nearly half a million hybrid owners. In 
2005 with approx 50,000 hybrids in California, the state offered 
the car pool lanes to single drivers of certain hybrids as incentive 
to get more "green" machines on the road. Now that 425,000 
hybrids are registered (out of 32 million total registered vehicles) 
the state has pulled the car pool privilege out from under them. 
Beginning July 1st, 2011, those yellow stickers will no longer be 
honored and a single driver of a hybrid will have to get in line just 
like everybody else. Failure to do so will result in a minimum 
$431 fine. 
NON – MOTO     Carbon monoxide detectors required: 
A new state law requires all single family homes that have either 
an attached garage, a fire place or a heater that burns fossil fuels 
(which includes natural gas) to install a carbon monoxide detector. 
These devices cost anywhere from $20 to $90, but failure to install 
one by July 1st 2011 will result in a 30 day notice. Failure to 
comply will result in a $200 fine for each offense. It is unclear 
how enforcement will be carried out. 

John Del Santo

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