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The July meeting of Local 6 went off well,  being that it was on July 3rd,  the fireworks had not started yet, and it was a small, but good, meeting.  Many of our regulars were out of town...Wandering,  Hollister,  Traveling,  Visiting,  or just Riding.....They were here in Spirit though.   We covered the latest political goings-on,  discussed upcoming events including the Golden State Rendezvous, 'Wolf' from the BoozeFighters MC won the 50/50 and donated his winnings back into the local 6 treasurery.....Thanks for that !   Have you checked out our Website ?  Wow !   what a wealth of information !   http://abatelocal6.org/ .   For many years now we have held a business meeeting in the week before our regular monthly meeeting to discuss stuff....We have decided to not do that anymore....choosing to do it by e-mail and phone.   Our regular meetilng is on the first Sunday of each month, at Noon,  at Kate Sessions Park in Pacific
 Beach...San Diego.   C'mon Down !    Bring a Friend,  Bring Two !    We'll see you next month.  

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