[Elist] A Blood Run ?

John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 8 17:48:02 PET 2011

A note from Douglas.....Is there anyone interested in organizing a blood bank run ????

Thanks for the reminder. Now that the weekend is here, I'd like to suggest an informal "Blood Run" among Local 6, Local 11, or MMA members (as well as the good folks at Cycle Visions). I haven't given blood here in San Diego yet, so maybe someone who's familiar with the location (and hours of operation) could lead the way. 
I can go donate all by myself, but a Blood Run for a downed biker would be a nice touch in a biker community way. Feel free to share this idea, and please let me know if anything starts to coagulate. (pun intended)

John Del Santo
(619) 223 - 0421

  Benjamin Franklin
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