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Here in California, we tried to get a bill passed five or six years ago,  regarding "if the light does not change in three circuits" etc. but the bill did not go through as it was written.  What did come out of it was a regulation that instructed the local towns and cities when they are installing new lights, to make sure that the sensors would be sensitive enough to recognize the weight of motorcycles and bicycles.    Because there is nothing else "in the law" , I am sure that the police would not want you to sit there and grow old waiting for a green,  so I  called the San Diego Police Dept,  Highway Division,  and posed the question to the officer.    He advised that if I came to a light that did not change,  I should sit there through one complete cycle of the lights,  and then check to see if there was no other vehicle or pedestrian close enough to be a hazard,  and if there was, I must yield to them,  and then I could
 cautiously and safely go through the red.    He also said that If I came to the same intersection tomorrow,  in that I know that this light is bitchy, I must still wait for one full cycle before I make a decision. Even thought the cop did not mention this ,  if I was wearing a vest that read "Killer Motorcycle Gang"  or “Cops Suck”  then I would check the area for cars, pedestrians,  and police cars before I went thru the red.    What I would do when I got home,  would be to call   619 / 527 - 7500   and report the defective light.  
"WHOA !  I MISSED THAT ONE” !...Be it a garbage can, mattress, tire tread, sofa, ladder, or barbque,   if we have a cel-phone let's NOT leave the hazard lying there for the next rider to run into.    We  are  Family.

A ROAD HAZARD IS AN EMERGENCY  for the California Freeways.....Dial 911.
Tell the operator that there is a hazard on the road.
What is the road hazard ? What Route Number is it on ?
Which Direction ?    ( 125 north.....94 west..... etc).
Which Lane number (1,2,3, #1 being closest to the center).
(If you are traveling,  and have your cel-phone from home,  and you are in Arizona or New Mexico,  and you call 911,  your call will go thru to the CHP in Sacramento, not to the local 911 office in the other state). 
If you are traveling in the City of San Diego, and spot a giant pothole or a couch or ladder, etc, in the road you would call ( 619 ) 527 - 7500 to report it.  If you are traveling in any of the un-incorporated areas of San Diego County, your report would go to ( 877 ) 684 - 8000.     If you are anywhere else,  my guess would be to call 911 to "report a dangerous road hazard" and let them take it from there. 

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