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Ducheny vs. Vargas for Congress?
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By Michael Gardner
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Sacramento — There may be a classic political slugfest shaping up in a looming south San Diego County congressional race,
Former state Sen. Denise Ducheny said Monday that she is mulling over a bid for Congress now that it appears her Imperial Beach home will be in drawn into a new district that also runs along the California-Mexico border.
If she does, Ducheny could face a formidable foe in fellow Democrat Juan Vargas of San Diego, who was elected to replace her in the Senate in 2010. Vargas has already declared.
Incumbent Rep. Bob Filner, also a Democrat, decided to step down to run for mayor of San Diego.
The prospect of a bruising primary against Vargas “is certainly one of the challenges” as she weighs whether to step into the race, Ducheny said.
And there could be a sequel if she does. Under California’s new primary system, the top two vote-getters in June — regardless of political party — move on to the November general election ballot.
Vacant Congressional seats are rare and this one will likely attract more attention once the state’s redistricting commission finalizes political boundary lines that go into effect for the 2012 elections, barring court intervention.
The redistricting commission is expected to release its last — and final — set of maps Thursday, with an adoption vote planned for Friday. Those would go into effect after Aug. 15, under a constitutional deadline.
The draft boundary lines appear favorable, Ducheny said.
“Some folks who are paying more attention to the state redistricting than I was began calling me,” Ducheny said. “Enough of them called to convince me to think about it.”
Ducheny served six years in the Assembly and eight years in the Senate before being forced out by term limits in 2010. She now sits on the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.
Ducheny said she would like to work on various border issues if she goes to Congress. Among those: better cooperation, improving crossings, protecting the environment and gaining immigration reform.
“The timing is right. They could be doing it,” Ducheny said of Congress’ inability to compromise on immigration issues.
Ducheny is also interested in the budget issues challenging Washington. “The dynamics are similar to the issues we’ve had here,” explained Ducheny, who was a leading Democratic budget writer during her time in the Legislature

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