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Drivers Urged To Be Aware Of Motorcycles CHP, Safety Advocates Say
 County Has Seen Increase In Motorcycle Crashes
POSTED: 5:26 pm PDT July 25, 2011 UPDATED: 7:33 pm PDT July 25, 2011
SAN DIEGO -- An increase in motorcycle crashes in San Diego County prompted action by the California Highway Patrol and safety advocates on Monday.
Jim Klapthor with Allstate Insurance placed signs near state Route 76 urging drivers to look for motorcycles.
"We know in San Diego County more than 1,100 motorcycle crashes occurred in 2009 alone," Klapthor said. "The worst intersection had 26 of those."
According to authorities, the worst intersection is in the East County, where SR-76 crosses South Grade Road. Twenty-six motorcycles crashed at the intersection in 2009 and more than half of those involved cars.
"If we can raise awareness for motorcycle safety, then that's going to make every rider and every driver safer," Klapthor said.
CHP officer Chris Parent added, "If people would slow down and back off, 90 percent of our crashes wouldn't even occur."
The CHP says motorcycle accidents make up only 5 percent of crashes in San Diego County, but they account for 30 percent of fatalities.
So far in 2011, authorities say there have been five fatal motorcycle accidents in San Diego County.
In 2010, there were seven during the entire year.

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