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Highway Patrol to crack down on unsafe motorcyclists on Angeles Crest 
By Jason Wells, jason.wells at latimes.com 
July 26, 2011 | 1:13 p.m. California Highway Patrol officers will be combing the Angeles Crest (2) Highway on Saturday as part of a motorcycle safety enforcement campaign. 
FOR THE RECORD: The original version of this post stated the campaign would take place Sunday, but the CHP later amended the date to Saturday. 
The campaign is in response to a series of fatal collisions on the mountainous pass involving motorcyclists. Between 2007-2009, there were 10 motorcycle-involved fatalities and 195 injuries on the corridor, according to the Highway Patrol. 
And state transportation officials launched an investigation earlier this summer into the deaths of three motorists who were killed in separate collisions within weeks of the reopening of the lower portion of the Angeles Crest Highway in June. 
Much of the investigation would involve evaluating speed, location, vehicle type, weather and road conditions. 
Since the steep highway reopened after extensive reconstruction, motorcyclists have posted videos on the Internet of near misses, including one on YouTube in which a rider nearly veers into oncoming traffic and is forced to ride on the wrong shoulder. 
“In keeping with the Highway Patrol’s departmental goals to ensure the highest level of safety, service and security, our officers will be out in full force this weekend patrolling the Angeles Crest Highway providing additional enforcement,” said Highway Patrol Capt. Bill Dance, the Altadena Area Commander. 

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