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I am addressing this letter in most part to the Board of Directors, with the request that it be discussed at the upcoming Board meeting.  I will also send a copy to the discussion list so that the involved members can be aware of what I have been exploring.    
I have been in contact with the Allstate insurance companies "Once is Never Enough"  motorcycle safety program (O.N.E.)....their main thrust being to impress on the auto-driving public that just looking once, for motorcycles, is never enough.  I will attach a copy of their news release to the bottom of this letter for your perusal.
I have discussed different matters with Mr. Jim Klapthor of their Los Angeles office in trying to figure ways that ABATE and ONE can work together to further the goal of motorcyclist safety.   For instance,  you will see in the news release tht Allstate ONE has placed, or will be placing,  "look" signs at dangerous intersections in 25 different cities.....Unfortunately the permit that they get for posting these signs is only good for a couple of weeks, after which the signs must be removed.  Having the signs posted, even for a few weeks,  is better than not having them up at all.  Mr. Klapthor said that he wished that there was some way that these signs could be used,  after they are taken down in the towns.   I suggested that there MUST be ways that we could have them transferred to ABATE locals in those areas, possible to be used at many of the different events that we are involved in and areas that we may consider hazardous. 
 ("Permits !  What Permits ?.....I don't need no steenking permits" ! )     Mr. Klapthor is investigating, and has asked us to investigate, different ways that we can work together towards our common goal.  I also explained the benefits that they would have by being ABATE members.
I would also request that there be some way that we could have this program mentioned on the ABATE of California Website.     Thank You 
Because of my dinosaur abilities on the computer,  I was unable to copy the press release and attach it to this letter,  as I had planned,  so I sent another email to you so that you can open the attachment and see the press release and list of cities in the target area.  Hopefully we can widen this list of cities.  An ABATE local 6 member who moved to New York State has already followed our lead, and has contacted the ONE program regarding efforts in NY.   Please let me know what your thoughts and wishes are so that I can be prepared to proceed.      John
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