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This e-mail came through last month regarding a motor-cycle safety program that Allstate Insurance is working with in Illinois.   I am in the process of contacting them to see what can be done in California.   I will keep you updated as to my progress.
Northbrook, Ill., Twenty-five cities are getting new traffic signs designed to bring awareness to motorcyclists on the road, thanks to Allstate. The national insurer will place cautionary signs at intersections in 25 major metropolitan areas to prompt drivers to look out for riders at intersections. According to Allstate, an average of three motorcyclists are killed every day at intersections in the U. S., and crash data reveal that motorcycle crashes happen more often in intersections than elsewhere, relative to the amount of time riders spend in them.
            The caution signs, which are yellow and diamond-shaped, feature a motorcycle silhouette and are inscribed with the word "LOOK" to encourage motorists to look for motorcycles before crossing an intersection. The signs, part of Allstate's "Once is Never Enough" program, are designed to increase awareness of motorcycle collisions with motorists in intersections and to help remind drivers and riders alike that looking once at intersections is never enough. 

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