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John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 26 17:22:03 PET 2011

Our other bill, AB 1047, to Stop
authored by the Vice Chairman of the Assembly
Transportation Committee, Kevin
Jefferies, is set to be heard in April, also
in the Assembly Transportation Committee.
Our bill will prohibit the CA Office of
Traffic Safety (OTS) from issuing grants
to law enforcement agencies to stage
and also require the OTS to conduct
audits of the safety checkpoint grants
to insure that law enforcement is complying!
This will be a major victory
for motorcycle riders, who are being
singled out for profiling. We will
need letters and emails on this bill as
well! Stay tuned and look for our action
alerts for what you can do to stop
this disgraceful discrimination against
bikers! { to send a thank you – email
craig.deluz at asm.ca.gov In the subject
write “I support AB1047” and
then your message.}

John Del Santo
( 619 ) 223-0421   

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people. 
John Adams 

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