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John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 20:23:22 PET 2011

"WHOA !  I JUST MISSED THAT ONE !  Be it a garbage can, mattress, tire tread, sofa, ladder or barbeque,   if we have a cell-phone let's NOT leave the hazard lying there for the next rider to run into.  We ARE Family.  Cal Trans advised me that the best number to call is 911.  The call goes directly to the CHP.  Tell the Operator that there is an "1125", a Road Hazard on the highway:
    What is the Road Hazard ?   What Route Number is it on ?    Which Direction ? (Route 8, EAST, etc),     Which Lane Number is it in ? 1,2,3,  ( # 1 being the closest to the center divider).   The Nearest Mile-Marker or Exit.
If you are within the city limits of San Diego, and spot a nasty pot-hole, 
Call (619) 527 – 7500 to report it.

John Del Santo
( 619 ) 223-0421   


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