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I just read in the May Bailing Wire that the board was considering our state office to an office park to save some money on rent......Are they Daft ????? that is akin to the local SWAT team selling their guns to save money on bullets !
My first thought on reading that,  was that Carol Cromwell has, as far as I remember, lived in the house that held the State Office...which is why we have been able to get 60 or 80 hours of work out of her each week  for the price of 40.
If we move the office to a business park....do you think that Carol and Nina are going to go sleep on the lawn in front of the new office ?  I doubt it, so Carol will need to get a new apartment, which she will be unable to do on the salary that we are paying her for her services.......and then she will have to go find a new job to pay for the new apartment, therefore leaving ABATE of California rudderless.
Then we have to search the job market to find someone who will do the amount of work that Carol did,  and the work that she has always volunteered for, for what probably amounts to less than minimum wage.  And the person that we would have to hire would know nothing about the things that have happened over the past 20 years.....things that anyone in any local can call Carol about and get an answer the same day.  Carol Cromwell is an invaluable source to ABATE.  I had planned on nominating her for "Freedom Fighter of the Year" this summer,  but I will do so now, ahead of time.  I know a lot of our members put in a lot of time to keep this boat afloat, and Carol is probably WAY up there in the amount of time that she contributes and the jobs that she volunteers for.   

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