John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 06:17:05 PET 2011

Our ABATE local 6 elections are normally held in January and February of each year.  It would be appreciated if our members and officers give thought to what position they would like to be nominated or self- nominated for to best serve the local.  
My health has gotten to the point where I am unable to travel very far or do very much,  therefore I will not be running for any officer position in this coming year. 
It will make me feel as if I have set a good example if my current positions are carried on by some of the very able members.     
If the new officers wish,  I can carry on as the phone-tree coordinator and do my best to help with safety related matters, as I can do those via phone and e-mail.    We should probably open the field for nominations at the next  monthly meeting on December 4th.
I thank everyone very much for all of the help that you all have done to make my jobs in the past run smoothly.         Your Friend and fellow-member,
                           John Del Santo

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