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No blind copies have been sent - Feel free to circulate all you want to those who you know are our REPEAL IT OR FEEL IT side!

I got the first of two receipts in the mail.  It's from the supervisor from the Metro ticket - I think he lied to me about how he was unable to delete the ticket once it's given.

Attached (again) is the demand letter BUT THIS TIME WITH ALL THE ATTACHMENTS.  

For those of you interested in the legal details, I know I attached the wrong Easyriders v. Hannigan - but these details will be fixed before I file in small claims court.  

My book about small claims court filings is ready to be picked up at the library.

Any feedback to improve my changes of getting compensated is appreciated.  The next demand letter might be against the prosecutor for MALICIOUS AND VEXATIOUS prosecution!  (I'm stealing that one from Travis.)

And I'm uping the ante for my next demand letter cause I've already been told that it's going to be dismissed.  If we dare "fight" a wrongful ticket we get strung along for over a year - only to have this dismissed.  BullSHIT!


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