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Labor Day Weekend and Motorcycle Safety
Motorcycle safety paramount during Labor Day weekend
As Labor Day weekend arrives, so too do the thousands of motorcycles heading out on the road. San Diego, Yosimite, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, Four Courners... Many Choices... But the bottom line is.... There will be many bike on the road..
A familiar rumble of the loud pipes and engines fills the air, and it's important to note that people of all ages, professions, creeds and races are among those who descend into these vacation desinations each year.
Motorcycle-related crashes are on the rise -- a statistic that needs to turn around.
Regardless of your thoughts -- perceived or real -- of what happens when motorcycles are in town, drivers of all vehicles share the road with motorcycles, and a little extra caution keeps everyone safe.
First, motorcyclists need to ensure they are completely aware of their surroundings, get the proper training and licensing and wear the proper safety equipment when riding.
For drivers of other vehicles, it's incumbent upon them to give the bikers a full lane of travel, allow plenty of space between you and the motorcycle and to know that a motorcycle is a motor vehicle with all the privileges of any other vehicle.
The "Look Twice ... Save a Life" campaign is a great, catchy reminder that motorcycles can be difficult to see at first glance. A second glance at all intersections should help drivers avoid collisions. Look for motorcyclists on the highway, at intersections, when a motorcyclist might be making a left turn and when a motorcyclist might be changing lanes.
And, no one -- NO ONE -- should get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. In 2010, 39 percent of the fatal motorcycle crashes involved an impaired motorcyclist.
With the amount of public and private transportation and designated driver awareness campaigns, there's simply no excuse for impaired driving, which many times results in tragic circumstances.
It's our hope that all drivers share the road safely this holiday weekend. A little extra caution will go a long way to keeping everyone safe.

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