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At yesterday's meeting a member questioned a story that he had heard from another biker.  Supposedly this other biker had been pulled over by a policeman because he was wearing 'colors'....and the policeman told him that this was done because of a ruling by the Homeland Security Dept to check out possible terror subjects. 
After examination it seems highly unlikely that there is any basis to this story for three reasons :
( 1 )   If anything like this was in the works,  the Motorcycle Rights Organizations and their members across the country would have spread the word far and wide. long before this. 
( 2 )   Why would a law enforcement officer voluntarily admit to violating someone's Fourth Amendment Constitutional Rights   by stopping them because they were :
Wearing Colors.
Had long hair.
Was a Brown Person.
Had too many tattoos.
Were wearing a Raiders T-shirt.
( 3 )   When they could avoid any hassle by resorting to that old Standby "I Pulled you over because your license plate light is not working."    

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