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Subject: [ABATE] Gearing up for 2012
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The Republican and Democratic parties are starting to gear up for the 2012 elections. There are a lot of upcoming events that will determine which candidates will be running. At these events, and behind closed doors, will be a lot of discussions to determine who's backing who in the upcoming legislative races.
At the same time, bikers are gearing up for the elections as well. Down here in San Diego, we have quite a few experienced campaign volunteers, and plenty more who are ready to jump into the game. And since there are so few termed-out legislators in San Diego county, we'll even be helping out in the Congressional and Mayoral races (both of which feature candidates who helped us as legislators).
The greatest need, however, will be in the Bay Area, where there are plenty of termed-out legislators who always voted against repeal (and any other rights they could get their mitts on). Since it's a heavily Democratic area, the only real opportunities will be during the primary elections, which will feature Democrat vs Democrat races. Traditionally low turnouts will result in a few close elections ... some probably decided by fewer than 100 votes.
The same holds true for the LA Basin when it comes to termed-out anti-repeal legislators. But there are quite a few more seasoned campaign vets around LA, as well as others who have expressed interest. I believe LA bikers will have an impact on a couple of these races at least.
All in all, the more campaign volunteers we can mobilize ... in winnable districts ... the closer we'll get to finally repealing the helmet law. If you want to be part of the solution, email me directly at Ride2Repeal at gmail.com. The more the merrier, so encourage your fellow activists to get on the bandwagon, too.


Douglas Findlay

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