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A thought that was expressed by Douglas, our Local 6 PAC Rep is this :   Signatures and letters are OK, but if 5000 politicians signed a letter to you asking you to stop riding your motorcycle,  would it affect how you think and act ?  His thoughts and mine are that showing up and volunteering for some campaign work leaves a much better and lasting impression on these candidates.  
There are three candidates in the San Diego area who are running for office who are friends of ABATE and friends of Motorcyclists.  If you can spare a little time,  please give them a call,  identify yourself as an ABATE member,  one of those motorcycle people,  and offer your services in some job that they need done.  
Denise Ducheny is running for Congress
phone ( 619 ) 239 - 1388.
Toni Atkins is running for the Assembly
phone (619 ) 884 - 3748.
Bob Filner is running for Mayor of San Diego
phone ( 619 ) 288 - 2533.

   John Del Santo
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 "Check Twice for Motorcycles".  

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