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Date: Friday, September 30, 2011, 6:17 AM

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l if you could forward this to all it would be much appreciated)
My Friends,
   Travis Barrick and David Stilwell, , served the powers that 
Be in Nevada yesterday ( see video, click link ) w/ what hopefully will become the end of Nevada’s
Unjust helmet laws, a class action lawsuit. Note the bikes, limo and strippers used to get the deeds
Done for added flare for the cameras! HA! 
   MONEY IS NEEDED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Those whom wish to help the cause
Should gravatate to http://www.guerillalawfare.com and ask about how to donate.
Checks are to be written to “Guerilla Lawfare”.
This is not a plea for funds for parties,  booze and women, there will be real costs involved in attempting to make this happen.
I am a member of B.O.L.T.  ( www.boltofca.com ) and I have thrown the first $500.00
donation into the ring. Whos next? ANY amount is much appreciated. It is YOUR freedom
to choose at stake here…
If we can get Nevada to cave, it could be a stepping stone to get California to cave. Constitutional
Issues are being raised, and if successful, could be carried into Cali! ANY amount of money
You can spare will be used and used properly folks…
Brad Davis
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