[ABATE Local 6 Elist] [ABATE] : Federal officials mandate consumers must buy at least four gallons of gasoline from certain ethanol-blend pumps

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Federal officials mandate consumers must buy at least four gallons of
gasoline from certain ethanol-blend pumps


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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will require all consumers to buy
at least four gallons of gasoline from certain gas pumps after the new E15
ethanol-gasoline blend is introduced into the market, the American
Motorcyclist Association reports. The vast majority of motorcycles and
all-terrain vehicles in use today are not designed to operate on E15 fuel.

The EPA revealed the requirement to the AMA in a letter
<http://capwiz.com/amacycle/utr/1/LWHGSAFICG/AFTNSAFIEV/8597516311>  dated
Aug. 1, responding to AMA concerns
<http://capwiz.com/amacycle/utr/1/LWHGSAFICG/JPHDSAFIEW/8597516311>  that
E15 -- a gasoline formulation that contains up to 15 percent ethanol by
volume - could be put in motorcycle and ATV fuel tanks inadvertently when
consumers use blender pumps. A blender pump dispenses different fuel blends
through the same hose.

"With E15 gasoline, our members who make a concerted effort to fuel their
motorcycles or ATVs with E10-or-less gasoline may be unknowingly refueling
with residual fuel left in the hose," Wayne Allard, AMA vice president for
government relations, wrote in a June 20 letter to EPA Administrator Lisa
Jackson <http://capwiz.com/amacycle/utr/1/LWHGSAFICG/GDIFSAFIEX/8597516311>

"Unlike an automobile or SUV with a large fuel tank, the residual fuel left
in a fueling hose could be detrimental to the performance of motorcycle or
ATV engines due to the small size of their fuel tanks and the higher
concentration of ethanol that would, therefore, be present in the fuel,"
Allard wrote.

"In addition, the use of E15 will lower fuel efficiency and possibly cause
premature engine failure," he wrote. "Use of E15 fuel voids many
manufacturer warranties. In off-road engines, the effects can even be
dangerous for users."

Byron Bunker of the EPA National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory,
responded to the AMA on behalf of Jackson.

"EPA requires that retail stations that own or operate blender pumps either
dispense E15 from a dedicated hose and nozzle if able or, in the case of E15
and E10 being dispensed from the same hose, require that at least four
gallons of fuel be purchased to prevent vehicles and engines with smaller
fuel tanks from being exposed to gasoline-ethanol blended fuels containing
greater than 10 volume percent ethanol," Bunker wrote.

"Additionally, EPA is requiring that retail stations that offer E10 and E15
from the same hose and nozzle use additional labeling to inform consumers
about the minimum purchase requirement," Bunker wrote.

"Since motorcyclists and ATV users, as you suggest, have relatively small
fuel tanks, they should pay careful attention to the labeling of blender
pumps to ensure that an appropriate fuel is chosen, in this case E10 or E0,"
he wrote.

The problem with the new EPA policy is that not all motorcycle and ATV gas
tanks hold four or more gallons.

"Not only do we find it unacceptable for the EPA to mandate that our members
buy minimum amounts of gas, but the EPA answer simply won't work because of
the sizes of many motorcycle and ATV gas tanks," said Allard. "Furthermore,
off-highway riders take containers of gas with them on their trips, and most
times those containers are much smaller than four gallons.

"The EPA needs to come up with a better solution," he said. "The EPA also
needs to back an independent study to determine whether E15 is safe for
motorcycle and ATV engines."

The AMA has repeatedly expressed concerns to government officials and
federal lawmakers about possible damage to motorcycle and ATV engines caused
by the inadvertent use of E15 when the new fuel becomes widely available,
and has asked that motorcycles and ATVs be part of any scientific study into
the effects of E15.

In October 2010, the EPA approved the use of E15 in model year 2007 and
newer light-duty vehicles (cars, light-duty trucks and medium-duty passenger
vehicles). Then, in January 2011, the EPA added model year 2001-2006
light-duty vehicles to the approved list.

Riders should pay attention to this list because no motorcycles or ATVs are
currently listed.

The AMA is concerned about E15 because it burns hotter than gasoline that
contains a lesser amount of ethanol. In engines not designed to dissipate
that extra heat, damage in the form of premature wear can result. Although
this is a concern in all motorcycles, it's particularly problematic for
air-cooled engines found in many motorcycles and ATVs. Moreover, use of E15
may even void the manufacturer warranty.

Since the approved list includes many light-duty vehicles in use today,
refineries, distributors, and fueling stations may choose to offer primarily
E15 gasoline because of this action by the EPA. The new EPA policy should
concern all motorcyclists and off-highway enthusiasts because this can
affect the availability of gasoline with less or no ethanol (E10 or E0).

You can send a prewritten email to your senators and representative
immediately by following the "Take Action" option and entering your
information. The AMA encourages riders to personalize their message by
drawing on their own personal riding experiences.

Send a message to your federal lawmakers immediately, urging the EPA to come
up with a better solution and to back an independent study to determine
whether E15 is safe for motorcycle and ATV engines.

Please join the AMA to help us fight these efforts. More members means more
clout against our opponents, and your support will help the AMA fight for
your rights - on the road, trail, racetrack, and in the halls of government.
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