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For those of you who aren't on the ABATE Discussion List, here's some of the
election results from Jim Lombardo.  Please note the yellow highlighted
results below for SD39, San Diego.  This is going to be VERY important that
we get some help for Plescia.  Please be prepared to help in some way.we
will keep you posted.


As many of you might have noticed, Denise Ducheny lost her bid for Congress.
It really was expected that she'd run off against Juan Vargas.  Denise sent
a nice thank you note to Local 6 for their support.she has always been our


Let's try to gear up this time and help with the elections in November.  We
can only get what we need (or don't want) for the Biker Community by
electing politicians that will help us!  That won't happen without some help
from those who will be affected by the good or bad legislation affecting
us..wait, that's us.we need to help!




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>From the desk (phone?) of Jim Lombardo:

The June Election is behind us, now, and ABATE's candidates did pretty well
in the new format - top two finishers go on to the November General
California Primary Election.

The results show clear, BLACK & WHITE choices for November.

In the Senate Races:

SD 5: Assemblyman Bill Berryhill (100% good ABATE voting record) will face
off against Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani (0% good ABATE voting record
over 6 years). Galgiani voted against our helmet law repeal bills when she
got the chance.

SD 27: Motorcycle rider/Vet Todd Zink received more votes than long-time
incumbent Fran Pavely, who carried the motorcycle smog check/noise fine
bill. It looks like the newly-drawn district that includes Simi Valley
voters doesn't like Pavley. See me and Todd together on the front cover of
the latest issue of the Bailing Wire.

SD 31: Assemblyman and motorcycle rider Jeff Miller, who has been great on
motorcyclist issues, will run against businessman Richard Roth in the
Riverside area. 

SD 39: In San Diego, former Republican leader George Plescia, long-time
ABATE issue supporter (and staffer to former Assemblyman and Senator Bill
Morrow) will face Assemblyman Marty Block for this Senate seat. George is
going to need a LOT of help from San Diego-area ABATE members to win this


The Assembly Races:

AD 3: No Cal Assemblyman Dan Logue (he carried a helmet law repealer for
ABATE) beat back fellow Republican, Bob Williams, with help from Jeff Katen
(Local 33) and Capitol Coffee Shop owner, Gary Haller.

AD 33: A big win for Tim Donnelly, in whose district our state office is. He
beat back Republican primary challenger Bill Jahn and should go on to win in
November. Thanks to our own Carol Cromwell, Tina, Nick Benson, Local 44 and
all of the other ABATE members that helped to make that happen!

AD 47: In Rialto, Former Assemblyman, and 100% ABATE Supporter, Joe Baca,
Jr. will face fellow Democrat Cheryl Brown in November.

AD 74: Alan Mansoor (R-Irvine) received more votes than fellow Republican
Leslie Daigle and will run against Democrat Robert Rush in November.


Congressional Races:

CD 8: Greg Imus, significantly supported by Nick Benson, and the high desert
and area Locals, beat a field of 11 Republican and Democrat challengers and
will face fellow Republican Assemblyman Paul Cook in November. Both are
ABATE endorsed.

CD 10: Motorcycle rider Jeff Denham from Modesto will face Jose Hernandez in
a highly contested November race that the Democrats need to win to take back
their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

CD 35: Long-time 100% ABATE supporter, Joe Baca, Sr. will run against fellow
Democrat Gloria Negrete McLeod (0% ABATE Support) in Ontario.

CD 31: Here's another can't lose race for ABATE. Motorcycle rider incumbent
Gary Miller and state Senator Bob Dutton, both ABATE-endorsed, will face
each other in November for this Inland Empire House seat.


Riverside County Supervisor's Race Update:

Current Assembly Transportation Vice Chairman and author of our motorcycle
checkpoint only repeal bill, AB 1047, Kevin Jeffries, will face incumbent
Supervisor Bob Buster in a November runoff.


These are just the highest profile races and the tip of the iceberg. I will
be reporting on more in my Bailing Wire article this month. Be sure to plan
to attend July's ABATE Board Meeting and PAC Meeting in Southern California.
We will go over every race, and if we have enough questionnaires returned
from candidates on whom we don't know their motorcycle-issue related
positions, we can make some more endorsements and lay out an ABATE action
plan for the November election.

-Jim Lombardo 


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