[Elist] Updating ABATE Local 6 Email List - IMPORTANT NEED YOUR HELP

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Thu Mar 8 20:26:52 PET 2012

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For those of you who don't know, Snowman was elected President of Local 6 at
last month's meeting.  I accepted the position of Vice President.  Later on
I'll send a complete list of officer changes and do a few updates.


My mission this week is to get the email list updated.  What I found was a
whole bunch of email addresses with no name attached.  Joe T, webmaster,
thinks it happened mostly when they migrated the email list to him when he
took over as webmaster.  So now it's time to fix it, and we need your help.
Here's a couple of things I request you do:


1.    UPDATE LIST.  Would you please RESPOND (hit reply key) NOW, and give
me your name as it appears on your membership, or just your name if for some
reason you are not a member.


2.    USE OF EMAIL LIST.  Some time ago, John changed the list to a one-way
communication from the officers mostly because there were a couple of
negative folks on the list and they made it difficult.could be wrong on
this.  At any rate, we might entertain the idea of putting it back to a
two-way communication if the majority of members would like that to happen.
There would just have to be some guidelines so it isn't misused or abused.
Please just type YES or NO in the reply message as a straw poll.


Thanks everyone for your help on getting this sorted out.


Nancy Nemecek

ABATE Local 6


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