[ABATE Local 6 Elist] Local 6 Motorcycle Awareness Party a Great Success

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Mon May 6 15:32:03 PET 2013

Yesterday at our meeting, Mayor Filner and his First Lady stopped by to
visit.  Red had invited them to Barry and Carol Sandberg's Memorial at
Soledad, but they showed up early and ended up at the park instead.  He
basically confirmed that he's a friend of ABATE Local 6 and is always there
to help us.  


Barry and Carol's Memorial at Soledad was well attended although the media
didn't show up.  The murders still have not been solved, and JD would really
like everyone to not let this go away.  He's going to prepare an email list
where we can all send messages to the police, etc., to ask them to continue
to try and find out who killed our friends.  Stay tuned!




I hope a lot of you made it to the party.wow!  There was a great turnout by
many of the clubs and individual riders.  I don't have an exact number but
it was fantastic.  Since Monica was able to get everything . like in all .
donated to ABATE (band, supplies, raffle prizes, etc.) the event cost ZERO
dollars.  Because of all the donations, we made a nice chunk of change for
ABATE Local 6.  Big thanks goes to the Saddletramps for donating time,
security, raffle tickets, prizes, etc. to ABATE . major kudos to you all.  


The band was excellent and played lots of songs . danced, danced, danced!
There was a nice selection of vendors, too. The Flinn did their good
hamburgers and fries and everyone seemed to enjoy them.  The raffle prizes
were plenty and a little something for everyone.  A company back east
donated a rider / passenger rain jacket . had to have been there to see the
demo . yikes!  The grand prize of two Padre Sky Box tickets (with food and
drink) was donated back and was auctioned off . thank you for that donation.


So we got a few sprinkles but it didn't dampen the fun or the party one
iota.  It was one helluva a party!



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