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*From:*Nancy Nemecek [mailto:nemecek at san.rr.com]
*Sent:* Saturday, November 16, 2013 11:34 AM
*To:* 'ABATE Local 6'
*Cc:* Brian "Snowman" Trum ; 'Sandra Lubbers'
*Importance:* High

Hello Local 6 Members ...

Below is an email from Sandra Lubbers, ABATE State Secretary and member 
of the 2013 Bylaws Review Committee.  I was also a member of the 
committee.  The committee reviewed the bylaws, line for line, and made 
recommendations to the Board of Directors.  They in turn recommended a 
couple of changes, the committee agreed, and they were also incorporated 
into the final version.

Attached is a memo from the Committee and includes a ballot.  Each 
change, in each section, needs a vote.  In several cases, it's just a 
matter of changing the name of an office or officer and is repeated in 
the voting process.  The Bylaws, as recommended, are attached also.  The 
recommended changes are in red, and a corresponding yellow-highlighted 
number is next to it.  That number appears on the ballot.  This memo and 
ballot will also appear in the Bailing Wire.

Please vote on these changes and mail them to the State Office as 
suggested OR bring your ballot to either the December or January Local 6 
meeting and we will collect them and mail in one envelope to the State 

By the way, it takes a majority vote of the voting members to change a 
bylaw per Article VII, Section 2.

Thanks for voting!

Nancy Nemecek

Vice President -- Local 6

*From:*Sandra Lubbers [mailto:tlubes at dslextreme.com]
*Sent:* Friday, November 15, 2013 6:31 PM
*To:* ABATE Presidents
*Cc:* ABATE 2013 Board; Mark Dogman Castillero; Buzzz Nancy Nemecek MC - 
Graveyard Gamblers; Carol Cromwell

ABATE Local Presidents,

As directed by the ABATE Board of Directors, the Bylaws Committe has 
reviewed and recommended several changes/additions to the current Bylaws.

Attached for your review and information are the following documents:

  * Memo from Bylaws Committee / Ballot
  * Recommended Bylaws Revisions

As discussed at the October ABATE Board meeting, the recommended 
revisions are to be reviewed and approved by the general membership. 
  The revisions, along with a ballot, will be published in the December 
issue of The Bailing Wire.

However, in the meantime, you are encouraged to distribute both of the 
attached documents to your members.  The attached memo articulates the 
voting process and the bylaw changes are highlighted and numerically 

All "current/active" ABATE members may cast a vote -- ballots must be 
postmarked no later than January 27, 2014.

Upon the membership's approval, a copy of the approved bylaws will be 
made available.

On behalf of the Bylaws Committee, I thank you in advance for your 

*/Sandy /*


//Sandra "Pita" Lubbers//

//Board Secretary & Legislative Director//

//ABATE of California//

//tlubes at dslextreme.com// <mailto:tlubes at dslextreme.com>

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