[ABATE Local 6 Elist] Boozefighters MC - Marine Birthday - Get-together at Clubhouse - TODAY - 6 p.m. (1800)

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Mon Nov 10 13:01:23 PST 2014

CELEBRATING MARINE BIRTHDAY TONIGHT.   Starts around 6 p.m.  Snowman sent me
a text last night to invite everyone to stop by the clubhouse tonight around
6 p.m. to say hi and visit with the Vets.  Sorry I didn't get this out
earlier today . it's been a very busy morning.  If you have any questions,
please call or text Snowman at 619-855-9981.


And speaking of Vets, attached is a flyer for the Annual Holiday Veterans
Visit.  We usually do an ABATE donation for it and I'm sure we will this
year also.  Please mark your calendars . it's a very important event.  Help
us honor our vets.




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