[ABATE Local 6 Elist] ***SPAM*** UPDATE ... A Message from MRF President, Kirk ‘Hardtail’ Willard – CALL TO ACTION

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Mon Feb 20 15:37:37 PST 2017

I forwarded the email from Gill and apparently the link doesn’t have the box available to actually start the survey.  I don’t know why it’s happening, except that I took the survey when it first came out and I’m sure he did too.  It seems to show a thank you for taking the survey rather than the survey box.  I then opened it in Chrome and it is correct.  Don’t know why but it’s powered by Chrome.  If you are having a problem, please use the Chrome browser if you have it and type in the address:  www.motorcycleprofilingproject.com/national-motorcycle-profling-survey/ <http://www.motorcycleprofilingproject.com/national-motorcycle-profling-survey/> .   Or you may be o.k. if you just type it in any of the browsers and not use the link.  


If you are not getting the following to start the survey, I’m not sure how to fix the problem.  Arghhhhh!


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Please read and complete the new survey if you haven’t already (this is the second one … a bit different).  It is important and helps all motorcycle riders, not just clubs.

Thanks, Nancy





For Immediate Release

February 20, 2017

 A Message from MRF President, Kirk ‘Hardtail’ Willard – CALL TO ACTION


As many of you know, last year the MRF assumed a new endeavor related to the unconstitutional practice of motorcycle profiling. After reports began to rise from our own membership citing instances where they felt singled out by law enforcement simply because of their appearance, apparel, or because they are simply riding a motorcycle, the MRF decided to take action.

Working with its partners within the Anti-Profiling Action Group, the MRF developed a strategy at the national level to help combat profiling, an issue that affects ALL riders and is unfortunately increasing. We know this to be true because of a survey put forth by the Motorcycle Profiling Project. In 2015, the survey found over 50% of riders across the U.S. reported being unjustifiably stopped by police at least once while riding their motorcycles.  With a participation level of over 5,000 motorcyclists nation-wide, these facts and figures will help support and solidify our concerns over this issue when addressing lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

This year, the Motorcycle Profiling Project has launched another survey designed to reach an even broader audience. Like the previous survey, its results will be used as critical tools in the efforts to obtain legislative relief across the country.

I am asking you to take a few moments and fill out the survey, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below. It’s completely anonymous and it’s only 15 questions.

http://www.motorcycleprofilingproject.com/national-motorcycle-profling-survey/ <http://motorcycleridersfoundation.wildapricot.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=1XT0BOFXZFVD5Ro0u4q4W6VIIFB9Yz3QnLXDs%2bo7jB0oAhyxrWX4KEIRO3KrMVRTlOLeF2cw5KQcvUmH9Qv8oG4wanG1ec%2bxi6SvYaeKe1Q%3d> 

On behalf of the entire MRF membership and its Board of Directors, thank you for your support on this issue.




About Motorcycle Riders Foundation
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) provides leadership at the federal level for states’ motorcyclists’ rights organizations as well as motorcycle clubs and individual riders. The MRF is chiefly concerned with issues at the national and international levels that impact the freedom and safety of American street motorcyclists. The MRF is committed to being a national advocate for the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle and works in conjunction with its partners to help educate elected officials and policymakers in Washington and beyond.












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