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Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Thu Jan 12 10:13:07 PST 2017

IMPORTANT… Please follow the link and fill out the letter.  







Subject: FW: Call to Action - Motorcyclist Advisory Council


Please forward this to everyone!  It is so easy, all you have to do is put your contact information and the form letter will be sent to your elected officials.





From: Megan Ekstrom [mailto:megan at mrf.org] 
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2017 9:40 AM
To: MRF Reps
Cc: Executive Directors
Subject: Call to Action - Motorcyclist Advisory Council


MRF Reps:


Hopefully on Monday you received a notice from the MRF asking you to contact your Member of Congress and Senators concerning the reestablished Motorcyclist Advisory Council or “MAC.” As you know, the MAC is the only formalized dialogue between the motorcycle community and DoT officials. The purpose of the “MAC” is to share rider experience with the Federal Highway Administration specifically focusing on areas like roadway deigns and construction, barriers and other emerging issues like the effects of ITS and autonomous vehicles on motorcyclists across the nation. 


On Monday of this week, the Federal Highway Administration announced that they were moving forward with the MAC and they were calling for nominations to serve on the Council. HOWEVER, if you look at the notice they are only calling for ONE of the TEN spots to be served by an actual motorcyclist. This is completely unacceptable. How can the government established a Council that’s supposed to be a dialogue between the motorcycle community and the federal authorities, but only have 1 motorcyclist represented? This is unfair, incredibly unbalanced and is truly contrary to the mission of the Council itself.


As such, we are asking you to contact your Member of Congress and Senators to intervene by contacting the Federal Highway Administration. Please visit the link below to submit a prewritten letter that will go directly to your elected officials. We must make our voices heard on this issue!



Please also feel free to post on social media and forward this to your fellow riders and local MRO members – the more voices, the better!


Contact me with any questions.


Megan J. Ekstrom

Vice-President, Government Affairs & Public Relations

Motorcycle Riders Foundation

1325 G Street N.W. Suite 500

Washington, D.C. 20005

Phone:   <tel:(202)%20725-5471> (202) 725-5471

Fax:   <tel:(202)%20546-0986> (202) 546-0986

www.mrf.org <http://www.mrf.org/> 


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