[ABATE Local 6 Elist] Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Request Letter - Please Read

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Wed Nov 1 16:55:23 PDT 2017

Here's the information I mentioned in the ABATE Local 6 November meeting
notice sent today.


The California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Coalition is in the process of
setting up a Call to Action network.  The motorcycle community is being
asked to join in the effort.  Please read the message below (also attached).
We hope you are interested in being in the data base and helping:


*	Respond by clicking on this link antiprofilingbill at abate.org
<mailto:antiprofilingbill at abate.org> , and provided the information
requested (see paragraph 3).  PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND WITH "REPLY ALL".
*	Forward this important information to your club members, friends,


Should you have any questions, please let me know and I'll try to get an
answer for you.  You can also send a message to antiprofilingbill at abate.org
<mailto:antiprofilingbill at abate.org>  with questions.


Thank you,


Nancy Nemecek

V.P. ABATE Local 6


California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Coalition 


Fellow Motorcyclist: 


This letter has been sent to you by the California Motorcyclist
Anti-Profiling Coalition: Steering Committee. 


We are a group of Motorcyclist Rights Organizations (MRO), Confederation Of
Clubs (COC), Independents, and others that have banded together and have
been working with the Motorcycle Profiling Project
http://www.motorcycleprofilingproject.com on a motorcyclist anti-profiling
bill since 2016.  We are now putting together a "Call-To-Action" (CTA)
process and email list for individuals who wish to be notified when to
contact their local legislator to take a specific action. 


If you wish to engage in this important process, click on this link
<mailto:antiprofilingbill at abate.org> antiprofilingbill at abate.org and provide
your email address. Additional information such as your name and zip code,
used to determine your local legislative district would be helpful, but not
required.  Our goal is to maintain your privacy.  Additionally, please help
us get the word out by forwarding these emails to individuals on your email
list that might be willing to take action as well.  Please do NOT "reply" to
this email, we need all your information, questions, or comments sent to
<mailto:antiprofilingbill at abate.org> antiprofilingbill at abate.org so that we
can process your email in a timely manner. 


The California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Coalition consists of many
motorcycle related groups including but not limited to COC, MRO, BRO, AMA,
and ABATE.  Although the email address that you are sending your information
to is on an ABATE group, your information will remain private and will only
be used for the purpose of this anti-profiling bill.  We have chosen to use
an ABATE group because ABATE is already set up with Google Groups and is
offering us usage of their IT resources free of charge. 


Also, if you want to get involved more than just contacting your
representatives when asked by us to do so, please contact us and we will let
you know other ways you can help. 


Thank you, 


California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Coalition 

 <mailto:antiprofilingbill at abate.org> antiprofilingbill at abate.org 

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