[ABATE Local 6 Elist] ABATE Local 6 Meeting - October Meeting

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Thu Sep 28 11:55:30 PDT 2017





WHEN:      Sunday, October 1, 2017               TIME:  12:00 noon    

WHERE:    Kate Sessions Park - Pacific Beach



As most of you knew or guessed, we cancelled the September meeting because
of the Labor Day Holiday.  So now we'll try to get back on track.


For the meeting this Sunday, we'll cover some of our standard subjects plus
whatever else anyone would like to discuss:

*	General Business

*	Treasury Report
*	Membership
*	Phone Tree and E-Mail Alerts
*	Merchandise
*	Safety Report
*	Runs and Events (have an upcoming event . come tell us about it)
*	Political / PAC / Judicial / Legislative    (all the current bills
plus Motorcycle Profiling)
*	Webmaster    
*	Old Business
*	New Business  


RUNS AND EVENTS.  Be sure to check the Bailing Wire for ABATE events.
Here's the usual that are probably on your calendar:

*	Final Option Breakfast - October 1 - Sweetwater HD - 8:00 a.m. to 11
a.m. - Upstairs.  Plenty of time to ride to Sweetwater, have a good
breakfast, and then head up to Kate Sessions!

*	ABATE Local 11 Meeting - October 8  - Escondido Moose Lodge, 25721
Jesmond Dene Road, Escondido - 11 a.m.  Come for the meeting and breakfast .
they have seats and you can arrive early and have breakfast, too. 


BAILING WIRE.  This is an electronic Bailing Wire month and I have attached
it in case you didn't receive your copy.


ON A SAD NOTE.  As some of you probably heard, "Deacon" David Philips,
founder of ABATE of California, passed away on September 19th.  Here's what
was written in the current Bailing Wire by Lady Kay:   "Deacon" David
Phillips, founder of ABATE of California, passed away peacefully this
morning, September 19, at Creswell Health Care facility in Oregon.  In
August, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that metastasized to the
rain. Deacon dedicated his life to ABATE from its inception in 1981 when it
separated from the MMA. He was the consummate freedom fighter for
motorcyclists rights. He along with other familiar faces laid the groundwork
for ABATE and the growth that followed.  A memorial ride from Tujunga to
Angeles Crest will be arranged in the next few weeks. He leaves behind his
beloved 1949 Panhead, as well as the love, respect and admiration of his
biker family.  Lady Kay    Snowman and I both knew Deacon and from Local 6,
we send our condolences.Rest in Peace, Deacon.  


For future meetings, if you have any subjects or topics you'd like
discussed, please email to let me know what you'd like covered.  We'll do
our best.  Also, please remember to let us know if you change membership
information--address, telephone, email, etc.  Send requests and updates to
<mailto:nemecek at san.rr.com> nemecek at san.rr.com.


Nancy Nemecek

Vice President - Local 6

Email - nemecek at san.rr.com <mailto:nemecek at san.rr.com>  


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