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by John Del Santo
       “Job Opportunity:  Men and women needed who are able to operate motorcycles over long miles through all weather conditions…Must also be a qualified Mind Reader.  Sounds like an awful lot to ask, doesn’t it ?   But that’s what a rider must do to avoid being caught in the mistakes that other drivers make on the road.
 You’ve probably heard the statistics that the average road-user makes one and a half driving mistakes per mile,  and that at any time of day at least one out of fifty drivers around you is intoxicated.  You…the Pro, must spot these people before they hurt you. 
It’s Dusk and there’s a car in the left lane going 10 mph under  the speed limit Don’t trust him !  Don’t pass him on the right unless you are sure that he sees you…He may panic and move right into your lane as you start by…or he could spot his exit and make a dive for the ‘off’ ramp.  Passing on the right is a hazardous move in any situation, and it’s not a good idea to  make this move near an ‘on’ ramp or you could be mousetrapped between the merging car and the one in the left lane.
The right lane is blocked up with traffic heading for a major off-ramp or junction, and you are passing them by.  Anticipate one of those cars jumping to the left…right in front of you to gain a few car-lengths.  Watch for their head moving to look in the rearview mirror or for their wheels starting to float towards your lane…Be ready with your gas, brakes, and horn.   As you get near an exit,  the car on your left speeds up…you know  that he’s going to make a dive for the off-ramp…right across your nose.  We have to keep in mind that they can’s see us !
At night a car near you keeps the high-beam headlights on…You’re probably dealing with a drinking driver.  Because many of them are so bagged that they don’t see well,  they think those high-beams will help them.  And drunks tend to drive toward what they are looking at !  Watch out for the car that stays behind you no matter how your speed varies… That  Drunk thinks the cops won’t spot him is he stays close to you…He’ll do every thing that you do…Except Stop !
 Your mind-reading act can be enhanced by checking out your surroundings.  Are you near a school ?  Senior Citizen Housing ?  Or a couple of saloons ?.......Near a business area around lunch or quitting time ?  Are you approaching an intersection that is painted with a lot of brake-skidmarks ?  A good healthy following distance and keeping the space around you as clear as possible will go a long way toward insuring your escape routes and protection.
Your Title ?   Biker and Mind Reader !  Anticipation and Defensive Riding should get you home in one piece and with the Shiny side up at the end of a run. 

John Del Santo
( 619 ) 223-0421   

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