[Elist] Until next time ....

Rick Henry rick at animal-pen.net
Fri Jan 21 11:54:25 PST 2011

It looks like the email list is working fine now that we moved 
everything over. The website moved fine also. 

Now it is time to hand over these responsibilities to our friend Joe 
Tatro, your new web guy. <applause>

I enjoyed helping you all out while I was in San Diego. I am back in 
Arizona now, very busy with ABATE here at the chapter and State 
level, and could not put much time into your website.

I wanted to say farewell to all of you, some I didn't get to see 
before I moved away from San Diego. I am hoping to be in town for a 
visit one Sunday when you are having a meeting and I will try to pop 
in and say "HI".

Have a good time, I miss you all.

Rick "Animal" Henry

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