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____CHILL  OUT____ 
By  John Del Santo 
As the Seasons are changing, we will get days that are warm, and mornings and evenings that can be chilly or downright cold.  We need to prepare for all kinds of weather…..We layer our clothing so that we can remove it as the day gets warmer,  and put it back on as the sun goes down.  Carrying extra gloves of different weight is a good thing,  and in a pinch, making a windbreaker-vest out of a plastic trash bag to wear under your jacket will help.  If I don’t wear a full-helmet, I will have a balaclava or ski mask for those really cold mornings, and a scarf or turtle neck helps keep your throat toasty.  A heavier or extra pair of socks will protect your feet where your circulation is least.  Last but not least, we should stop more often and do a bit of walking to get the blood circulating through the rest of our body.  
What we are trying to avoid is that dread condition called Hypothermia.  Hypothermia is described as a low body temperature as that due to exposure in cold weather.  The warning signs are feeling cold, getting the chills,  shallow breathing  and a feeling of sleepiness.  Using any alcohol will only slow the circulation further and put us in deeper danger.  Many cold medicines can be as deadly as alcohol. 
Why is this so is ? dangerous to us as motorcyclists ?  The result is becoming disoriented or even falling asleep.  Nodding off behind the wheel of a car is bad enough, but on a bike falling  asleep has a whole ‘nother meaning !  So if you or your riding partners start to feel or exhibit any of the above signs, CALL FOR A BREAK !  Do not try to tough it out.  Chill Out…..The warm weather of Spring is on its way.   Spring has sprung….The grass has riz….I wonder where last years flowers is ?

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