[Elist] That Old Time Rock and Roll

John Del Santo mcbwaycool at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 21:54:19 PST 2011

by John Del Santo 
The temperature is warming, and rocks are falling onto the roads from the mountain face above. Depending on the state where you are riding, you may see signs that read ”Falling Rock”, or signs that read “Fallen Rock” I would guess that if we ride along looking up…watching for Falling rock, we might miss seeing any number of things in the roadway, such as curves, deer, and Fallen rock. And of course, there will be plenty of places where there are no warning signs. So……As we ride along, we will want to keep our attention open for rocks lying in the roadway. We keep in mind the biker rule “Where you LOOK is where you will GO” So Saying “Hey…Wow…Look at that Big Rock in the road”….would NOT be a good observation to make ! And, just around that next bend in the road, we will anticipate oncoming cars moving into our lane as they swerve around rocks in their lane. The drivers we share the road with tend to overreact to hazards. 
Expect the Unexpected ! Constant Surface Appraisal will get us where we want to go. Rock On !

John Del Santo
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