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Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Thu May 3 09:27:56 PDT 2012

An alert from Douglas . if you can help, please contact his office and tell
them you are from ABATE.  


Although Bob Filner was late, he did show up at our last ABATE meeting . his
campaign manager was there early.  Bob (or known for years as "Bullet Bob")
has always been a friend of the bike community.




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San Diego Alert: Sign Delivery for Bob Filner


There aren't any important Assembly or House races in the San Diego area
(yet). But one biker-friendly candidate is running for another office. Many
of us already know Congressman Bob Filner, and now he is a candidate for
Mayor of San Diego.


The Bob Filner campaign is planning an all-out sign blitz, starting this


The timing of this sign blitz is important, just prior to when voters
receive their mail-in ballots. Half of these ballots will be mailed back
within 48 hours of receipt. And for the San Diego mayoral race, any
candidate who gets more than 50% automatically wins the race.


Bob has about 1,000 yard signs to deliver ... all in one week ... and that's
a huge task. They asked for our help, and this is a great way to show our
appreciation for many years of standing up for us in Congress. 


If you would like to pitch in, please contact Ed at
<mailto:ed at bobfilnerformayor.com> ed at bobfilnerformayor.com as soon as


Be sure to let Ed know what part of San Diego you're interested in working
in. Or if you prefer, you can also volunteer directly through their campaign
website at www.bobfilnerformayor.com
<http://www.bobfilnerformayor.com/volunteer.html> . 


I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.



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