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I hope you all read this from the DiscussIon List and took some action
already.  I apologize that this did not get forwarded to the Local 6 list
last week.got buried in my emails.  I know it's short notice, but please
read Dave Walsh's email below, and respond by Monday to AB-1047.  You
probably cannot get anything to Mark DeSaulnier, the Chiar, since we are not
in his district.  But State Senators Christine Kehoe (D-39) and Mark Wyland
(R-38) are on the Trans Committee and in San Diego Districts.  If you are in
north county (Del Mar to San Juan Capistrano) write to Wyland.  In San
Diego, write to Christine (she is NOT our friend), but write, fax, or call


Please go to their websites   

            Kehoe                        http://dist39.casen.govoffice.com/

            Wyland                      http://cssrc.us/web/38/


Click on the "Contact" info.


See you on Sunday, I hope.




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There seems to be some confusion as to who, where, and what we need to
write, email, etc with regard to the bills we have pending. I apologize if
I've contributed to this confusion. Let's see if we can straighten this out.
I've also gotten more information on how the means we have to contact our

For the most part, we do not have direct email addresses for our
legislators. It wouldn't be right if we, the unwashed masses, were to
actually have an easy means to contact them. Most of them have websites with
contact links. The problem is that if you enter a Zip Code that isn't within
their district, it gets kicked back. Snail mail doesn't get kicked back, and
is the most effective means we have at our disposal. I understand that snail
mail is a PITA, but they can't refuse a letter. Phone calls are a no-no,
they mostly just piss them off.

We have 3 pieces of pending legislation.

1. AB 1535-this is Assemblymember Halderman's bill that will eventually get
"Motorcycles Okay" signage on HOV (carpool) lanes.
This bill is currently in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Felipe
Fuentes is Chair of this Committee, and is from District 39. If you live in
District 39, you can contact him through his website. If you do not live in
district 39, you need to send him a support letter by snail mail. Whatever
Assembly District you live in, if your Assembly Member is on the
Appropriations Committee, you can also contact them through their website.
Here is a link to a list of Assembly Appropriations Committee Members and
their websites: http://apro.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff

2. AB 1047-this is Assemblymember Jeffties bill to stop "Motorcycle Only"
checkpoints. This bill is currently scheduled for hearing in the Senate
Transportation Committee on May 8th. We need to get letters and faxes in
support of this bill done ASAP. 
Here is a link to the Senate Transportation Committee members:
Likewise, the contact links on their websites only work if your Zip Code is
within their district. For example, I've contacted Sen. Pavley through her
website, since she is my State Senator (fat lot of good that will do, but i
did contact her). I will need to send Chairman Mark DeSaulnier my letter of
support by snail mail since i am not in his district.

3. AB 1890-this is Assemblymember Solorio's bill to make it easier for
motorcyclists to carry their transponders on toll roads. This bill will also
be heard in May in the Senate Transportion Committee. I don't have an exact
date at this time.

I hope this clears up the confusion. Again, I apologize if I contributed to
that. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

Dave Walsh
PAC Liaison





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