[ABATE Local 6 Elist] National Motorcycle Profiling Act has been Drafted

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Mon May 28 17:03:45 PDT 2012

A National Motorcycling Profiling Act has been drafted!


At the NCOM Convention in Indy a couple of weeks ago, Double D, outlined
what he and others envisioned for a National Motorcycle Profiling Act.
Double D is a member of the Outsiders MC Tacoma, US Defenders National
Legislative Liaison and Washington State Commander, Washington State COC
Spokesperson, plus a member of the NCOM Legislative Task Force.  Doesn't
that just make you tired reading all he does!


I have had the pleasure of meeting Double D several times as well as listen
to him speak.  He is very, very energetic and inspiring.  He and his team in
Washington were able to make profiling motorcycle riders illegal, plus
requiring the education of the police on what they can and cannot do when
dealing with a motorcycle rider.  It's the first in the United States, I
believe, and I hope not the last.  But if they can pass a National
Motorcycle Profiling Act, it should cover a large portion of the motorcycle


As a starting point they have established "The End Motorcycle Profiling
Committee" made up of individuals with specific duties including policy,
communications, media, networking, just to name a few items. This committee
is headed up by Double D and the committee will provide the direction and
access to the tools required to achieve success by working within as many
organizations as possible and getting on the same page.  ABATE will be one
of those group and we will keep you posted as this progresses.


At this point, this is just a heads up that this is happening.  BUT if you
have experienced motorcycle profiling of any kind (or you know someone who
has), they are looking for specific examples / cases, including cases of
monetary and court judgments. Please email me at nemecek at san.rr.com and I
will forward the information to the appropriate person.  If you would like
to speak to someone about it, I'll make sure that happens.


Nancy Nemecek

VP - ABATE Local 6

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