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Just in case you don’t get the ABATE News, here’s the latest!  Official State Run is cancelled but they are doing an Unofficial get-together the same date, same place.  Please read the message below from Dave Hastings, ABATE State Director.






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June 10, 2016


Hello ABATE member!


After examining all options for conducting a state run (ABATE Golden Rendezvous) this year in Kernville, we have made the decision that it is not cost effective to go forward with an “official” event.  With the cost of paying the promoter, the insurance, and all of the other costs associated with putting on the state run, we have determined that we could in no way hope to make money and therefore we have decided to cancel this year’s “official” event.


I have been talking to quite a few of our ABATE members while trying to put together some way to make this event profitable. Many of us would still like to get together for a good old fashioned "camp-out" on the same scheduled weekend of Sept. 9-11, 2016 at the Frandy Campground location. So here it is - no bands, vendors, or planned activities - just a fun "unofficial" weekend with our ABATE friends from all over California. You make your own reservations and just show up - no ABATE sanctions, insurance, or liabilities. We will be just individual Frandy Campground guests and abide by their campground rules. One of our members has suggested they might be able to find someone willing to cook at their campsite and possibly serve some liquid "refreshments" to our ABATE members and friends for a small donation. What if we were to have a 50/50 drawing on Saturday evening for our member's? I guess we might be able to do a raffle too if someone wanted to take it on. How about just simply passing a "donation bucket" around and raising money from our members and our friends that want to contribute directly to ABATE of CA? 

     Remember, the campground will now be open to the general public so don't wait until the last minute to make your reservation. If you do, you may find that Frandy is full for that weekend and you will be left out of the fun! Visit Frandy Campground @ www.frandy.net <http://www.frandy.net/>  to view their site map and to secure your online reservation or call them direct at (888) 372-6399 <tel:%28888%29%20372-6399>  and speak to a "real" person. Hope to see you all there and let's have some good old fashioned camp-out fun!


If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at davesautorpair at aol.com <mailto:davesautorpair at aol.com> 



Dave Hastings

Executive Director

ABATE of California




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