[ABATE Local 6 Elist] CRITICAL CALL TO ACTION - AB2972 Motorcycle Anti-Profiling

Nancy Nemecek nemecek at san.rr.com
Sat Apr 28 12:02:33 PDT 2018


California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Coalition

April 27, 2018


Hello friends:


On April 10th our Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling bill was heard on the Assembly
floor and we did NOT get enough votes to pass!  HOWEVER, we were granted
“reconsideration” which means we were given time – until the end of May – to
persuade legislators to vote our way.  It is CRITICAL that each of us
contact our legislators and as many of these legislators as you possibly can
and ask them to support or AB 2972 when it comes up for reconsideration!


These calls or emails do not have to be elaborate or hard!  Simply call or
email and respectfully ask the staff member who answers the phone to please
let the Assembly member know that you request for him / her to support AB
2972.  That is all there is to it!


I have attached a list of 29 legislators that abstained from voting on our
April 10th hearing of our Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling bill.  Our committee
feels that these are the critical legislators to try and get them to vote
for our bill.  Their contact information is on the attached sheet.  Please
do not put this off!  Even on the weekend you can leave a message on their
answering machines or email them.  Do not let a simple phone call or email
stop you from protecting YOUR right to ride hassle free!


If your Assembly member is not on this list contact them also.  You can find
your Assembly member at www.findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us immediately at
antiprofilingbill at abate.org <mailto:antiprofilingbill at abate.org>  


We are having hard copies of the attachment printed and will be shipping
them next week.  IF you can help distribute them to your friends, bike
shops, etc., and if you wish to help, please email us your shipping address
and we will see to it that you get some.


Please share this email and the attachment with everyone you know!


Thank you!


Nick Benson Sr / Member

California Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Committee





VERY IMPORTANT.  Please read the attached CTA, then email and/or call the
legislators listed.  Each name on the list has the assembly members official
website and their home office links to send an email.

In San Diego County District 77, we especially need to contact Brian
Maienschein (R).  If you are in his district, please make sure to contact
him and ask that he vote YES on AB2972.  Mention you are a constituent.  If
you are not in the district, please contact him anyway along with the

Brian Maienschein – AD 77 – San Diego area / Zip

inframe=Y> &inframe=Y 

Assemblymember.maienschein at assembly.ca.gov
<mailto:Assemblymember.maienschein at assembly.ca.gov> 

 <https://ad77.asmrc.org/> Maienschein, Brian



inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Brian Maienschein

Capitol Office, Room 4139 

P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0077; (916) 319-2077 

District Office

12396 World Trade Drive, Suite 118, San Diego, CA 92128; (858) 675-0077 


If you are not in Brian Maienschein’s district, it would be good to contact
your legislator and ask them to vote for AB2972, and thank those who voted
yes.  Here’s all San Diego representatives and how they voted.  




District 71            Randy Voepel                    Republican
Office - Santee
inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Randy Voepel

District 75            Marie Waldron                 Republican       Office
- Escondido
inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Marie Waldron

District 76            Rocky J. Chavez                 Republican
Office – Oceanside
inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Rocky J. Chávez



District 77            Brian Maienschein          Republican        Office –
San Diego
inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Brian Maienschein


District 78            Todd Gloria                       Democrat
Office – San Diego
inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Todd Gloria

District 79            Shirley N. Weber              Democrat         Office
– San Diego
inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Shirley N. Weber

District 80            Loren S. Gonzalez-           Democrat          Office
– San Diego
inframe=Y> Contact Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher



Hopefully I will have copies of the CTA to bring to the next meeting.  We
need to get them out to as many people as possible.  Thank you.


Nancy “Buzzz” Nemecek, Member

California Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Committee


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