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ABATE is a not-for-profit Motorcyclist Rights Organization (MRO)

We are dedicated to:

1. Protecting the rights and freedoms of all motorcyclists.

2. Promoting safety, education and public awareness programs and improving the general image of motorcyclists.

ABATE of California was established as a not-for-profit corporation in 1981. We believe education and safety programs are more effective than simply passing more laws. Our members are active in public awareness programs, motorcycle safety programs, charity fundraisers, voter registration, and other community events. We keep our members aware of pending legislation that may effect motorcyclists' rights. We educate our members to effectively protect our freedom. No matter what make of motorcycle you ride, whether you ride every day, or just on weekends, or if if you even ride at all, you need to be aware of everything that might affect your riding freedom. You may need to be involved in the process of protecting your own rights!!


ABATE of California works for freedom of the road for all motorcyclists. ABATE is comprised of volunteers who form a union of motorcyclists that supports all riders. ABATE members are involved in voter registration, education and assisting candidates who believe in freedom of the road for all motorcyclists.

ABATE of California is an active member of the California Board for the Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) and many of our members actively teach others motorcycle safety, and are involved with training programs around the state.

ABATE members are also active in promoting charity benefits for a variety of worthy causes. ABATE members also work with the media, so that the public becomes aware of some of the positive things that motorcyclists are doing.

As an ABATE member you will ELECTRONICALLY receive the Bailing Wire (ABATES monthly newsletter, a sew on patch for your first year of membership, and year pins thereafter. You will also receive current information that affects all motorcyclists. What you don't know can affect you. ABATE believes in educating people about motorcycling, including our members.

ABATE depends upon our members to do the things that need to be done, as ABATE is an organization comprised of volunteers. If you see something that needs to be done in your area, attend a local meeting to find out if ABATE members are already doing it. If not, please get involved and help out! ABATE can only be as strong as our membership! Active ABATE members have the ability to make a difference! As an ABATE member, you will be helping all motorcyclists by being a part of an organization dedicated to freedom of the road. Your dues help to fund ABATE, and by volunteering you can accomplish what needs to be done to maintain the freedom of the road for future generations of motorcyclists.

Get involved! Get educated!

Get serious about motorcycling!


YOUR riding freedom depends on it!


Local 6 Mailing Address:
ABATE Local 6 – San Diego
c/o Boozefighters MC
4602 Sauk Ave.
San Diego, CA 92117